Reiki Healing and private guidance

R E I K I  H E A L I N G

Reiki is an ancient healing art with it’s roots in Japanese origin. This gentle  "laying on hands” method of channeling life force energy helps to promote not only physical and emotional healing but also mental clarity and spiritual growth.  

Reiki can help to release imbalances and blocked energy. When this life force energy flows freely through your whole body, you are able to tap into your inner peace and unknown reserves of power.

Reiki can therefore help you to cope better with:

Stress, depression, anxiety, sleeping problems or a chronic fatigue and pain.
It is also a wonderful compliment to medical treatments as it helps you to achieve deep relaxation and allows the cells to return to original conditions. In this deeply relaxing state, our body’s self ability to heal is accelerated.

This sweet yet powerful medicine can create profound, often subtle shifts from deep within. It can help to resolve childhood trauma, free yourself from limiting beliefs, improve emotional intelligence and spirituality.

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Pst, Did you know that Reiki is today classified as rehabilitation healthcare by Swedish tax agency (Skatteverket)? 

60 min - 800 kr
( first session with new client is 75 min )
90 min - 1100 kr
3 x 60 min - 2100 kr

60 min - 800 kr
90 min - 1100 kr 
3 x 60 min - 2100 kr 


Combined healing session (Reiki, coaching + my intuitive guidance) for cosmic clarity and empowerment

3 x 60 min - 2100 kr 

*A powerful meditation that will release deep emotional blockages and pain. In this journey we will work on healing your inner child, inner woman or man to restore inner peace and let joy into your heart. 
45 min - 600 kr
3x 45min - 1550 kr

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